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5 Easter Activities to do this Spring

There’s no better way to celebrate Easter than doing some fun activities with your family. Whether you are wanting to cook, craft or search for the Easter bunny, we have 5 great activities to keep you occupied over this egg-citing weekend.
So prepare the paint pots, heat up your ovens and get your eggs ready! 🐣

Hand Decorated Eggs

Let’s get cracking…

We recommend starting by hard boiling your eggs for around 15 minutes. Once boiled and cooled, pick your design and tools. You can use paint, pens, glitter, stickers or feathers, anything you can get your hands on 🥚

If you want to be really precise use a pencil first to stencil your design and then go in with some bright colours✏️

Once decorated, leave to dry for around 10 minutes. While you wait, why not personalise the cardboard packaging before popping your eggs back in. You could add grass and even some feathers alongside your craft work. When complete, place your eggs on the table ready for Easter Sunday.

Origami Bunny Baskets

For some extra fun, bring the Easter bunny to life with origami 🐰

Grab any paper – it can be plain or pre-decorated, and start folding! Once you’ve completed your bunny, grab a pen to personalise with a little face and whiskers.

These origami bunnies are so decorative and look perfect placed all around your ABI, especially hidden on shelves.

The full origami tutorial can be found here 🐥

Easter Egg Hunt

Is it even Easter without an Easter egg hunt? 🐰

An egg-cellent hunt always goes down a treat, especially with younger children. Hide everyone’s favourite Easter chocolates or sweets around your ABI. The person with the most eggs is the winner 🏆

Top tip: count all your eggs beforehand to avoid any cheaters.

Chocolate Nest Cakes

It’s time to grab your cornflakes, melt some chocolate and gather those mini eggs to make the best chocolate nests 🍫

All you need is:
– 225g chocolate (milk, dark or white) broken into pieces
– 2 tablespoons of golden syrup
– 50g butter
– 75g cornflakes
– 36 mini eggs

Firstly, line a baking tin with paper cases (approx. 12 cases). Melt your chocolate, golden syrup and butter. Stir the mixture until smooth. Add your cornflakes and mix until they’re covered with all the chocolatey mixture. Divide the mixture between the paper cases and press 3 chocolate eggs into the centre of the nests. Leave to chill in the fridge for 1 hour, until completely set.

Easter Hair Accessories

To make your own Easter hair accessory, all you need is floristry wire (or other binding wire) and some tape. You don’t have to buy anything specific to decorate it; you can use bits you’ve found all around your ABI, flowers from the garden, old buttons, spare fabric, feathers from your walks or anything you have going spare.

Don’t forget to take a selfie and tag us! We’re egg-cited to see 🐰

We look forward to seeing all the activities you do this Easter! Share with us what you get up to on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 🐰

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