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How to buy an ABI

So, you’ve decided the ABI life is for you – we’re excited for you. Here’s what to do next.

Find your perfect ABI

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s an ABI for everyone.


We don’t need big marketing campaigns and big bold claims to let you see how good our holiday homes really are. The feedback we get time and time again tells us we’re the best at what we do.

Starting Your Journey To An ABI Life

Your ABI Life Starts Here…

Handbuilt In Beverley

Each and every ABI holiday home is made right here in Britain, at our factory in Beverley.

Why ABI?

Our focus has always been on quietly putting more into our holiday homes, rather than on big marketing campaigns and singing our own praises, because the most important thing to us is helping you to make the most of the holiday park lifestyle, or as we call it, the ABI Life.

What Makes An ABI So Special?

We believe it’s the little things that can make a really big difference.

The Signed Charter

We’re so proud of our holiday homes that we put our names to them.

The Park And Dealership Finder

The holiday park you select is crucial to ensuring your ABI Life meets your expectations of holiday home ownership.

What Will I Be Able To Add?

Everyone has different needs from their ABI – whether you want the comfort of pocket-sprung mattresses or new technology such as a Bluetooth sound system.

Consider A Winter Pack

Winter packs are the best solution for keeping your holiday home cosy during the colder spells that are inevitable in the UK.

Upgrade to Residential Specification

What could be better than never having to leave your holiday home?

Fifty Years In The Making

At ABI, for the past 50 years everything we have done has been centred around you.

What Can I Expect As Standard?

No matter which ABI you choose, we include all of this…



  • Who do I speak to if I find a fault with my ABI holiday home?

    In the first instance, please report any issues to your park or dealer who will contact the ABI warranty and aftersales team on your behalf.

  • Where can I view the ABI holiday homes?

    Our approved parks and dealers have a range of ABI holiday homes available to view on their showgrounds. Please contact them directly to find out which ones they have.

  • Where can I find the bed sizes for my ABI?

    If you contact us by e-mailing with your serial number we will be able to provide these.

  • Where can I find my unique ABI serial number?

    The serial number is on your paperwork but can also be found in the following places in the holiday home, depending on its age:
    • First crossbeam of the chassis on the nearside of the van
    • ID plate at the rear of the holiday home
    • On the inside of the boiler cupboard door

  • When are the new ABI models launched?

    The new ABI model collections are launched every September.

  • Is it possible to wall mount a TV in my ABI holiday home?

    Some models have the option to be able to wall mount a TV in the lounge or bedrooms. There will be a sticker on the wall to indicate where the TV pad is and the maximum weight of the TV that can be mounted.

  • How can I buy spare or replacement parts for my ABI and where from?

    You can order ABI holiday home spare or replacement parts from your park or dealer. You will need to provide them with your holiday home details, including the serial number, to ensure a match is identified, and describe the part or item you are looking for. The park or dealer will check the availability of the part and obtain a quotation from the parts team at ABI. The park or dealer will confirm with you that you are happy to proceed once they have the quote. Please note, in some cases we may not be able to supply certain spares/parts.

    As we only operate with trade accounts and do not have retail facilities, we do not sell directly to the public.

  • Can I buy my ABI holiday home direct from ABI?

    To purchase your ABI holiday home please contact one of our parks or dealers and they will be able to advise regarding price and availability. You can search our list of parks and dealers via our Where to Buy section on our website: Where to Buy an ABI Holiday Homes. We do not sell direct.