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Creating memories in your ABI

Time with family, laughs with friends, getaways with loved ones and special times together. These memories are priceless!

Our story

The ABI Life

We’ve been making holiday homes by hand for 50 years. From first sketches to final checks, our team lovingly crafts every detail, because we hope all the little things we do will help make your time away priceless.

Because the little things matter

It’s what makes an ABI unique

We believe every bit of an ABI has the potential to make your time away special. From extra insulation that means you can relax whatever the weather, to comfier beds for fresher mornings, we know little things make a real difference to your break – it’s why our holiday homes are so unique.

No detail is too small for us

Every millimetre, feature, even something you might never see, gets our full and undivided attention. Calling upon 45 years of expertise, we devote thousands of hours to the design, build and craft of each ABI.

Enjoy the ABI life

Your perfect life

Having fine-tuned our holiday homes completely, an ABI break is something else. As well as utterly relaxing, they are also your ticket to some very British adventures. Unwind beside the sea, surrounded by ancient woodland, a stone’s throw from chocolate box villages – you decide. Enjoy your kind of ABI life.