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50 Things To Do This Summer: Part Two

Summer’s well underway and we hope you’re all taking the opportunity to spend lots of time at the holiday park…

Here’s part two of our list of 50 things to do this summer! If you didn’t catch it, check out part one here and then see how many you can fit into your Summer of ABI!

  1. Eat breakfast al fresco – on the decking of your ABI!
    Thumbnail for Who'd rather be here than at their desk this morning?
  2. Build a sandcastle (maybe even a sandcastle ABI!)
  3. Take a selfie wearing ABI sunglasses
  4. Go for a long countryside walk…
  5. …And stop for a picnic somewhere scenic
  6. Like ABI on Facebook if you don’t already
  7. Visit a beach you haven’t been to before – there are lots in Britain!
  8. Set aside a day at your ABI to do nothing but relax
  9. Set up a blog, and write about your ABI Life…
  10. Have a deck party with your holiday park neighbours
  11. Get outside and play Pokemon Go at the Holiday Park!
    Thumbnail for Spotted: Squirtle at @LadramBay and Drowzee at @MaguiresCountry! #Pok
  12. If you have children, get them to do some of the activities in the ABI Kids Zone
  13. Visit a National Trust property
  14. Send us a photo of your ABI on Facebook – it might feature as photo of the week
    Thumbnail for Wish you were here? ☀
  15. Turn off your phone/laptop/tablet for a whole day and enjoy the peace!
  16. Make ice cream from scratch
  17. Go fishing
  18. Make a summer playlist to listen to on the way to your ABI
  19. Enjoy a romantic dinner
  20. Use the spa facilities if your park has them

And there’s even more ideas waiting for you in Part Three!

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