50 Things To Do This Summer: Part Three

12th August 2016

Can you believe it’s August already?

The weather might have been a bit of a let-down so far this month, but there’s set to be a heatwave next week… with that in mind, here’s the final 10 of our 50 things to do this summer.

If you missed them, click here to check out Part One and Part Two.

  1.  Visit one of the UK’s national parks – maybe the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales?
  2. Play miniature golf
  3. Go on a boat trip
  4. Put a paddling pool on your deck – great for dipping your feet in even if you’re a grown up!
  5. Have a cocktail party at your ABI
  6. Sit in the sun and just soak up the rays (but remember your suncream!)
    Thumbnail for We could get used to this weather! ☀ https://t.co/4Mjojj4bSI
  7. Go for a walk around the holiday park – you never know what you might discover
  8. Take a last minute, unplanned trip to the holiday park, just becauseThumbnail for How stunning is Ord House Park? @MaguiresCountry https://t.co/f8l86tl
  9. Collect sea shells at the beach, then bring them home to remind you of being at your ABI!
  10. Come and see our 2017 collection of holiday homes at The Lawns Show!

Let us know how many you manage to tick off over on our Facebook and Twitter!



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