ABI’s Top Five Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun!

11th June 2014

The MET Office are predicting one of the hottest UK summers ever this year – great news for those planning a summer getaway at the holiday park!

Here are our top tips for keeping safe in the sun, to help you enjoy your summer holidays in your ABI Holiday Home.

1. Wear sun cream – and remember to apply to easily forgotten areas such as the top of your ears and hair parting!

abi 12

2. Hats and sunglasses are a must!

abi 2

3. Encourage children to play in the shade.

abi 3

4. Take a break from the sun in your ABI when it gets too hot.

abi 4

5. Keep hydrated – freeze water bottles in your ABI’s inbuilt fridge freezer and let them defrost through the day for cool water on days out.

abi 5

Did we miss anything you do when the sun is out? Let us know on Twitter at http://twitter.com/abiholidayhomes and we’ll retweet!

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