Celebrating the Royal Wedding at your park

8th May 2018

If you haven’t received an invite to the Royal Wedding, don’t be disheartened! There are lots of ways to enjoy the special occasion. Get together with friends, family and loved ones, then head to your park for the weekend – because there’s nowhere better to revel in a Great British celebration than in an ABI. Here are our majestic ideas for celebrating Harry and Meghan’s big day:


  1. Decorate your decking with bunting – spread the excitement throughout your park.


  1. Buy some ‘royal’ accessories for your ABI – it’s the little things, after all.


  1. Bake a Great British treat – crowns, union jacks, princes and princesses… So many possibilities.


  1. Invite your neighbours round for a royally good party – any excuse for a get together in your spacious holiday home!


  1. Have a sand castle competition – who can make the grandest palace?

sand castle

  1. Enjoy a pitcher or two on your decking – we all know Harry would be proud…


  1. Host a tea party – a most fitting idea for such an occasion, and it’s easy to prepare the food in your lovely kitchen.

tea party

  1. And finally, make sure you pop your TV on for the big moment!

on tv

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