Holiday Memories from the Past

28th March 2014

Remember when summers seemed to last forever?! Do you ever think back to those times, and reminisce about all those nostalgia tinged memories of hazy summers in holiday homes and static caravans?

Since renovating our Sierra Supreme from 1978 we’ve been thinking a lot about holiday memories, and the lovely nostalgia they’re imbued with. Here’s a rundown of our top five holiday memories from the past…

1. Donkey rides on the beach


2. 99s that cost less than 99p!

ice cream

3. Amusements on the pier


4. Eating rock til our teeth hurt!


5. Punch and Judy shows on the beach!

punch j

Did this list spark any memories in you, or is there anything you think we missed? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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