Love the view from your veranda? Share it with us and we’ll post the best ones on our website

24th May 2013

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of being away from it all in your ABI Holiday Home and with the holiday season upon us, we know many of you will be heading off.

So that got us thinking. We know that when you look inside your ABI Holiday Home the view is spectacular. But, what we don’t know is what the view looks like when you sit on your veranda or look out through your windows.

So just as a bit of fun, we’d love for you to get in touch and share the views from your ABI Holiday Home. You could be surrounded by rolling hills, coastal scenes or something a little more quirky and extraordinary, but whatever you see, we’d really love to see it too.

So take your camera the next time you’re away and take a few pictures just for us. We’ll showcase some of the best pictures we receive on our website for all of our ABI Holiday Homeowners to see.

Just send your pictures to

We can’t wait to see the view from your ABI Holiday Home!

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