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Alternative ways to enjoy Halloween at your ABI

With spooky season just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what Halloween is going to look like this year. It might be difficult to enjoy all the usual festivities that happen on the 31st but it’s still a fang-tastic time for some family fun! We have put together some alternative ways to enjoy Halloween whether you’re at your ABI or not, that will hopefully make your day extra special.


Pumpkin trail

Getting dressed up and heading out to Trick or Treat is the usual Halloween tradition that kids look forward to throughout October. An alternative way to enjoy a sweet hunt is to take part in a pumpkin trail. You may remember the Rainbow Trail, back in March, that gave children the opportunity to explore their neighbourhood safely while spotting rainbows on the way.

Like the Rainbow Trail, children can carve or draw a pumpkin to take centre stage outside their ABI or home. For every pumpkin spotted, parents can put a sweet in their child’s Trick or Treat bag. This way they can safely Trick or Treat, without knocking on doors and rummaging in a pot of sweets.



Halloween Games

Decorate your ABI (or home!) and have a Halloween themed games night! Mix it up with classics like apple bobbing and new games like ‘Pin the Fangs on the Vampire’ to ensure lots of family fun. Halloween bingo is also an excellent game for all ages and here is a printable template if you don’t feel like making one from scratch. You can always laminate these to be used every year, and for the prizes, it must be sweets of course.


Face Painting

Whilst Trick or Treating may be off the cards this Halloween, there’s no reason why you can’t still get dressed up in costume and finish off the look with some face painting!  Whether your kids want to look like animals, monsters or just a little bit scarier than their usual selves, face paint is fun for all the family.



Watching Scary Movies

Watching scary movies is another classic Halloween activity. Make a night of it by cosying up in your ABI to watch a scary movie marathon. Have the popcorn at the ready and a cushion in reaching distance to hide behind! Here are our top Halloween films suitable for the whole family to enjoy:

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. The Addams Family
  3. Coraline
  4. Ghostbusters
  5. The Witches

Halloween Baking

Making some spooktacular treats can be a lot of fun as a family and even more fun to eat! There are endless baking opportunities, from ghoul cupcakes to black cat cookies – why not match your bakes to your costumes? You could even serve a Halloween inspired feast with starters, mains and of course lots of sweet treats for dessert. If you’re feeling stuck on what to create, here are some recipes to inspire you.



Halloween sorted! If you give any of these ideas a go, make sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we’d love to see what you get up to!

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