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DIY Activities for the Summer Holidays

Summer is a great time to grab things you have lying around in your ABI and get involved in some DIY activities!

We are here to get your brains working and your imagination shooting for the stars 🌟

Bubble Blowers

All you need for this activity is a few straws, some soap, water and tape!

Making these bubble blowers is super easy. What you need to do is: make sure the straws are all the same length, tape them together, then dip them in a mixture of water and soap 🧼

Then blow out the other end and BOOM, bubbles will fly out 😄


Mason Jar Photo Frames

Photos always add a nice touch to your home, so why not grab a mason jar to spruce up your ABI with your very own mason jar photo frame 📸

No need to be square, simply grab your favourite family pictures and a jar, pop your picture in and you have a new addition to pop in your home 🏠

Bunting Chain

A really fun way to decorate your decking or inside your ABI is to make your very own bunting.

All you need is some card, scissors, thread or string and a hole punch.

You can draw any designs you want onto your card; your favourite animals, letters to spell a word, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could make the solar system!

Cut out each shape, punch some holes around the edges and then thread your string through the holes. Link each cardboard cut-out together to make a pretty garland for your ABI.

You could even colour in or decorate each shape to make it really stand out 🧑‍🎨

Decorative Plant Pots

Decorating plant pots is a great way to brighten up your ABI and spend time with your family!

Such a simple activity can give you hours of fun and all you need is any colour acrylic paint, some plant pots and a brush, then paint whatever you like 🎍

There are many more DIY activities you could do this summer, just let your imagination go crazy 😉 We would love to see what DIY projects you get up to at your ABI! Make sure to tag us in your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 🤗

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