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DIY Christmas Gifts for your Loved Ones

Christmas is right around the corner! If you’re looking for ideas for some last minute special gifts
for your loved ones, you’ve come to the right place 💙

Tie Dye Flower Pots
Know someone with a green thumb? Then this gift is perfect for them. For this gift you’ll need: a
bucket, plant pot, a sponge paintbrush, nail polish, acrylic paint, a wooden skewer and a water
bonding primer. All these items can be picked up at your local craft shop 🎨

First, you’ll need to apply a couple layers of primer all over your plant pot, paint where you
would like the tie dye to go with your acrylic paint, then let it dry completely. After that, fill a
bucket with room temperature water and drizzle ¼ of the nail polish bottle over the water 😯

Then, use your skewer to swirl the polish around and dip your pot slowly into the nail polish
bucket, pull the pot out and allow it to dry fully. This would look perfect in an ABI!

Gingerbread Body Butter
This is the perfect gift for someone who deserves to treat themselves to a relaxing bath after a
busy day.

For this you’re going to need a glass jar, any coloured ribbon, ½ a cup of shea butter, ½ a cup of
coconut oil, 10 drops of ginger essential oil, 5 drops off clove essential oil, 5 drops off cinnamon
essential oil and 2 tbsp of vanilla extract.

Add the coconut oil and the shea butter to a saucepan and heat until melted, then put the
mixture in the fridge for 20 minutes. After that add all the essential oils and vanilla extract and
mix together well and allow to settle.

Finally, place your body butter in your glass jar and tie some ribbon around the lid, ready to gift
to your friends and family 🎁

Dog Treat Mason Jar
All you will need for this special gift is a large mason jar, acrylic paints and your dog’s favourite
treats! Why shouldn’t they get a gift as well? 🐶

Now grab your mason jar and paint and get creative! A design we love for this is: A full white
background on the jar then if you have any spare wine corks dip them in black paint and dab
this all around your jar leaving spots, looking like a dalmation!

Don’t be afraid to get messy.

Wine Bottle Sweater Sleeves
For this little project you will need any old jumper, thread, a needle and a ribbon 🪡

Cut off 12 inches from the sleeve of your jumper, then using your wine bottle place it on your
jumper and cut out the same shape as the bottom of your bottle.

Next up, place the circle you cut out at one end of the sleeve and sew it on, creating a sleeve.
Place the bottle inside your sleeve and tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle!

Jar Candle Holders
One of our favourite gift ideas is custom mason jar candle holders. All you’ll need is a mason jar,
some paint and a candle/tealight.

Get your mason jar, and use your imagination to paint whatever design the gift receiver would
like! Make sure to leave some spaces unpainted, then you can see your tealight through the jar.
Lastly, place your tealight/candle inside the jar🕯

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