Preparing Your ABI For The Winter Months

Here are our top tips to ensure your ABI remains in tip-top condition over the cold winter period…

  1. Ensure you book your winter drain down in plenty of time to avoid last minute stress
  1. Check the anti-freeze level in central heating and add anti-freeze to your cistern, toilet pan and traps and sinks/showers/bath
  1. Blow through the system to clear hot and cold water
  1. Disassemble your shower mixer valves and mixer taps
  1. Place moisture traps around the rooms of your static caravan, as this will help extract water from condensation in the air – these moisture traps can be as simple as bowls of uncooked rice
  1. To help prevent condensation while your ABI is standing empty, leave internal, cupboard and wardrobe doors open and stack any removable upholstery and mattresses away from the outer walls in the middle of the room
  1. Empty and clean out fridges and freezers, remembering to leave the doors ajar to enable fresh air circulation
  1. Disconnect the water before you leave your holiday home for the last time, remembering to turn off the stop-cock