Spring Checklist

There’s nothing more exciting than the start of the holiday season each spring! 

Getting back to your ABI for the first weekend of the season must be one of the highlights of the year for holiday home owners. But before you can start enjoying your ABI Life again, there are just a few things you need to do after the winter shutdown to prepare your van for the season. So, we’ve put together the below handy checklist to make your first holiday park weekend of the year as seamless as possible…


Before you set off

• Make a list of things to pack

Top tip: be sure to remember any soft furnishings or curtains you brought home to wash

• Stock up on essentials, including cleaning products so that you can give your ABI a spring clean

• And most importantly remember to pack your keys and gate passes!

Top tip: try to make your first visit to the park during the office hours, so they’re around in case you need anything


On arrival

• Give the in and outside of your holiday home a quick check over

• Open all the windows to let some fresh air in – this step is even better if your holiday park is near the coast!

Top tip: air your holiday home whenever you return to it for season-long freshness

• Turn everything on, including the water, fridge freezer and the central heating

• Replace any soft furnishings that were moved for the winter

• Last but not least, it’s time to unpack

Top tip: when you leave your holiday home during the season, try to leave as much as possible at your ABI to save you packing and unpacking for each visit


Once the above list is completed, all that is left to do is to get back to enjoying your ABI Life!