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How to… make your own Gingerbread ABI!

Last year, we wrote the ultimate guide to decorating your ABI for Christmas, but we know not all holiday home owners are lucky enough to spend the big day at the holiday park.

For those of you who can’t, what better (or tastier) way to add a little bit of ABI to the festivities than by making your very own Gingerbread ABI?!

Just follow these simple steps to create your own holiday home inspired treat…

First, either bake your gingerbread pieces using cutters (like these), or buy a ready made kit such as this one we used.


Lay out all the pieces. We used two kits to make the dimensions more like a holiday home than a house!


Select one of the end pieces and one side piece and use royal icing to stick them together.


Allow the icing to dry…


And do the same on the other side.


Attach the second end piece from the first kit to your three sided house – this end will provide central support when it becomes an ABI.

To turn your gingerbread house into a gingerbread ABI, you’ll then need to add the sides and one of the ends from the second kit to the house you’ve just created, like this:


Give this structure a little bit of drying time to ensure it’s stable, then add the roof.


Stick blue sweets to the front to be the ABI logo, because the little things matter!








And decorate with icing and sweets. We used festive figurines and edible snow for the finishing touches – the more the better!

Here’s the finished product… enjoy!











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