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At ABI, we believe that the little things matter when constructing your holiday home. No detail is too small for our team as every millimetre, feature, even something you might never see, gets our full and undivided attention. We’ve spoken to some of the very important people who deliver the little things that matter every day. From production process to quality inspection, here’s what they had to say on everything you need to know about how the ABI magic happens…


Our longest serving interviewee, Dave Anderson, has been working for ABI for 20 years. His role as a Chargehand includes bringing the outdoors in by fitting patio doors, panoramic glass fronts and large windows so you can enjoy the Great British scenery from the comfort of your ABI. He then signs off on quality, giving you complete peace of mind from start to finish.

We asked him how important is attention to detail throughout the entire process, from concept to delivery?

“It’s got to be spot on. We inspect as we go along and point out any issues and get them sorted. Our quality is what sets us apart from others in the market. I have visited many sites over the years, and we are at the top of the tree.”

It’s expertise like this that makes a real difference to your ABI break. We also asked him about his passion for the job and producing exceptional holiday homes that customers love.

“I am very conscientious. It is all about good teamwork and pulling together, if something isn’t right, it doesn’t leave. It’s as simple as that.”

Steven Hall, our other Chargehand, also said that meeting quality expectations is very important. “We all understand our product throughout the full process.” The ABI team think about every aspect in terms of your stay, then we add the details that we believe will make your holiday home and time away extra special.


Jason Fox, our semi-skilled plumber, is responsible for putting the radiators together for the lines and is going into his 4th year working for ABI. He plays a role in making your ABI cosy all year round as summer isn’t the only season you can enjoy in our holiday homes. With options like ‘Low E’ insulation, central heating and electric fires to keep you warm and cosy in your ABI.

We asked him what sets ABI Holiday Homes apart from others in the market?

“The quality of work for all stages. We do it better.”

Jason also prides himself on his work and said he enjoys coming to work and caring about what he does. Our employees have a real appreciation for all the attention that goes into making even the tiniest thing perfect.


Our highly skilled, passionate craftsmen are the ones who bring the technical drawings to life. They make every holiday home by hand, in our factory in East Yorkshire, like our cabinet maker and first aider of 15 years, Neil Williamson.

We asked him how important attention to detail is throughout the entire process, from concept to delivery?

“All stages are very important. If we don’t supply the customer with what they need, we wouldn’t be doing our job.”

The high-quality furniture that Neil handcrafts makes every ABI feel just like home. Whether it’s smart storage solutions or domestic fittings, there isn’t a single bit of your holiday home that we haven’t fine-tuned for your enjoyment.


Finally, we spoke to Gareth Barstow, the quality control inspector responsible for quality off line and rectification work. Before you start enjoying your holiday home, our quality inspectors will put it through some rigorous tests. Only if it meets our exceptional standards does it get the ABI seal of approval.

He explained that “each holiday home is checked by every Chargehand in every department, leading up to 2 final inspections by the Quality Control Inspector. The Inspectors and Chargehands have tablets so they can record data whilst on the go, making them more efficient and improving the quality process.”


Holiday homes are the place where lasting memories are made, so it’s important that ours are built to last. That’s why we devote so much attention to every detail that makes up your ABI. Thank you to all our team members who took part in this interview and for your continuous hard work!

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