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Introducing Holiday Drone Delivery | Taking our service to another level

At ABI, every little thing matters. We make everything tip-top so that you can enjoy the very best holidays. Having already created holiday homes that are head and shoulders above the competition, we decided to take our delivery service to new heights.

After months of research and development and close collaboration with our parks, we’re delighted to unveil Holiday Drone Delivery.

You’ll have no doubt heard about pizza and parcel companies improving their deliveries with the help of drones. Well, we decided it was high time we harnessed the power, manoeuvrability and speed of drones as well. And as a result, we’ve made it even easier for you to start enjoying your ABI life. Our Holiday Drone Delivery is so efficient that it not only delivers your new ABI faster, but also makes siting it simpler too.

Our first Holiday Drone Delivery took place this weekend – here’s an exclusive clip of our drones in action.

On top of providing quicker, simpler, more efficient deliveries, this new system has also unlocked a whole new world of exciting and previously inaccessible destinations. Towering peaks, remote beaches, a tranquil spot miles from any roads, when it comes to deciding where to site your ABI, now the sky is your only limit.

Richard Jones, the CEO, said, “With this new delivery method, all of Great Britain is our customers’ oyster. We can put ABIs on Snowdon. If they dream of having The Windermere on Windermere’s Belle Isle, we’ll make it come true. Putting The Malham directly above Malham Cove is no longer impossible. We’ve opened the field up completely so that everyone can find their kind of ABI life.”

Our Holiday Drone Delivery will be rolled out across all parks from today. If you spot an ABI overhead don’t forget to snap it and send us the pic on Facebook. Why not take a look at our 2019 Collection and decide which ABI you’ll have delivered wherever you like in the British Isles?

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