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Live a More Sustainable Life in 2022

Now that the start of 2022 is here, it’s all about creating and sticking to our New Year’s resolutions. In line with our charitable initiatives, we’ve created a quick and easy guide to becoming more eco-friendly, having a greener holiday home, and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Let’s #GoGreenWithABI in 2022 and take small steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle at your holiday home and beyond.

Shop Small

Our first tip is to shop locally as much as you can. Since the pandemic, this has become more prudent than ever. This will decrease your carbon footprint since the goods will have travelled very little distance to reach the point of sale, with the added benefit of supporting a small business owner. Why not discover new local shops, greengrocers, and markets, and encourage those on your holiday park to do the same?

The Three Golden R’s

Reuse, reduce and recycle. To prevent throwing things away and re-acquiring them, reuse products wherever possible or invest in reusable alternatives. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, paper towels, and plastic cutlery are common examples. There are numerous affordable reusable solutions, and in the long run, this will save you money and unnecessary waste.

Reduce your water use – there are several ways to do so. The simplest solution is to be more conscious of how much time and water you use showering, washing, or brushing your teeth. Try timing your showers to see how long you actually spend (and how long you actually need). Avoiding leaving the water running while brushing your teeth is a well known piece of advice, yet not always followed. These are small changes that cumulatively have a huge impact.

It’s important to be aware that recycling at your ABI may be different from your home, with different local government regulations. Familiarise yourself with the facilities in the local area and information provided by your holiday park to ensure you’re recycling as efficiently as possible.

Green Cleaning

Keeping things clean is high on everyone’s priority list and more so than ever in recent months. Bear in mind that antiseptic wipes can take years to degrade and easily clog pipes or drains. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives available which are just as effective without creating waste. 

The same can be said for disinfectant cleaning sprays. There are refillable options available both in plastic-free shops popping up around the country or if you make your own, which is much simpler than it sounds. Plus, you then get to choose your own scent and bottle which is an added bonus.

Collect Your Water 

Another easy option to reduce water consumption is to collect rainwater. There are large purpose-built barrels available. This water can then be used for a variety of things from washing the car and exterior walls or decking, to watering your plants or filling your dog’s paddling pool in the warmer months! 

It is entirely up to you how you want to turn your ABI into a green holiday home; some of these are long-term solutions, while others are little tips that could be implemented tomorrow.

Will you be trying any of these sustainable suggestions for your holiday home? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram on how you make your ABI a greener place.

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