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Presenting The Concept!

What if you tore up the rulebook on how to design and build a caravan holiday home? What if the only rule was ‘there are no rules’? What if the only limitation was space, but you were free to use that space however you wanted?

That’s the challenge we gave to our team of experienced designers this year, to create a ‘Concept Van’ that changes the way we view caravan holiday homes. They grabbed the challenge with both hands and the amazing result was the talk of the recent Lawns Caravan Extravaganza.

The theme of the ‘Concept Van’ was utilisation of space. Inspired by Japanese space-saving design, they came up with a genius van that has space for nine holiday makers to sleep, dine, relax or entertain themselves in the cinema room, all in a holiday home that measures only 30’ x 13’.

The key to the design is using the same space for different functions at different times. To allow for this we added pull down beds, a triple bunk bed, an extendable dining table that packs away when not in use, kitchen work-tops hidden in drawers, a cinema screen that drops down from the ceiling and (drum roll please)… the showstopper of walls that move at the push of a button!







We got some amazing feedback at the show, and with some of the elements nearly production ready we can’t wait to start encapsulating the ideas into our Collections over the coming years!

For videos of the van visit My Holiday Caravan.

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