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Seasonal wreaths to make this Autumn

With Summer over and autumn in full swing, now is a great time to add some
pizzazz to your ABI. What better way to do so than by making your own
beautiful wreaths 🍁

Berry + Twig Wreaths
If you’re going for a simple but colourful look, this wreath is for you!

Using only a plain grapevine wreath with berry sprigs and some colourful
leaves, this wreath will be the perfect addition to the front of your ABI this
autumn 🍂

Intertwine your berry sprigs into your wreath and attach your leaves carefully
on with any superglue you have lying around!

Leaf Wreaths
Traditional. Colourful. Simple.

This wreath can transform your ABI with very little effort, all it takes is a
grapevine wreath and your leaves of choice! 😍

Not only can you change the entire look of your ABI with this, but you can
inspire others to do the same 🤝


Christmas Wreaths
The best wreaths include elements of a season thats coming up 🎄

With Christmas right around the corner, why not include some miniature
pinecones and berries for some extra depth 😎

You can get lots of different shaped and sized artificial pine cones to match
your size of wreath. For this you will again only need a grapevine wreath,
some pinecones and any extra bits you fancy (fake snow, berries, bristles etc).


Wheat Wreaths
If you’re wanting something more sleek and modern but still fitting with the
autumn style, then this is the perfect wreath for you!

A wheat/flower mixture can be picked up from most DIY shops near you or
you can simply buy a wheat wreath and decorate with your own small flower
collection 🌻

Your door will never have looked so good!

Felt Wreaths
If you love to DIY and arts and crafts, you’re going to love this one 🎨

Pick up some seasonal coloured felt and simply cut out some leaves, flowers,
berries, etc. Let your mind run free 💭

Add these felt pieces onto your grapevine wreath with some superglue or
safety pins (depending on how heavy your objects are) and you’re done!

Tag us in your autumnal wreath making on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 🙂

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