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Shutting down your ABI this Winter

With the cold weather already on our doorstep, we are here to give you some
recommendations for your winter shutdown, if your site is closed over this time.

Keep reading for our top tips… ❄️


1. Communicating with your park

The first thing you need to do is speak to your park about booking your winter drain
down. Ensure that you do this in plenty of time before your park closes, as everyone
will be doing the same!

Make sure everything is communicated back to your park to make sure your ABI is
correctly shutdown, so you can enjoy Christmas without worrying 🎅


2. Furniture/Accessories

You want to make sure you are removing any curtains or soft furnishings to protect
them from becoming damp. Stand your seat cushions on the ends of something to
allow air circulation. Ensure all loose items are stored securely and empty your
fridge/freezer, turn it off but leaving the door wedged open 🛋

You might want to carry out any general cleaning before you leave, wiping down all
the surfaces and carpets, so you can come back to it nice and fresh 🧼


3. Electrics/Water

Another super important job is making sure you turn off the electricity supply at the
main switch box, and turning off the gas supply. If needed, seal the cylinder and
remove the hose and regulator, these can be stored inside your ABI. ⚡

Next up is draining your water system, there is a detailed guide in your ABI
handbook! But here are some simple instructions:

● Make sure your boiler is connected to the gas and electricity supply for winter
so the frost protection works
● Turn off the main water supply
● Open the drain off outlet located underneath your home (usually underneath
the kitchen window)
● Make sure that you don’t drain your central heating pipes!
● Open all hot and cold taps, including the shower
● Disconnect shower hose from base of shower mixer tap
● Drain the water heater, following the manufacturer’s instructions
● Drain the toilet and turn the water off, then flush
● Connect a compressor to the main cold water supply above the stopcock, use
this to blow compressed air down the pipe work


1. Other Recommendations

Ensure your ventilation points are not obstructed and the internal
cupboard/wardrobe doors are left open to allow airflow throughout your holiday
home 💙

We’d also recommend:
● Cleaning all gutters and exterior
● Checking your windows and doors are sealed tightly
● Conducting a full lubrication schedule which is also talked about in the
● Lastly, make sure you don’t cover your ABI with a tarpaulin, as they can attract
damp and damage the exterior


Remember to lock up your ABI and follow the applicable process for your site. Then
all that’s left to do is have a relaxing winter! Make sure to stay connected with us on
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 😊

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