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Spring flowers to add to your ABI garden

Is there anything better than seeing flowers brighten up your garden after the winter season 🙌  

Let’s spruce up our ABI decks together by adding some beautiful flowers! 🌸 


Spring wouldn’t be spring without some daffodils featuring in your ABI garden! A pop of yellow does wonders for making your garden look happy and pretty 💛 

They are a great choice of flowers as a lot of small animals do not like daffodils, meaning they will not get dug up in your garden and will last longer. They are also very easy to look after as all they need is a spot that exposes them to the sunlight ☀️ 

Not only do they grow in the colour of yellow, but you can also grow them in colours such as white, pink and orange.  


Why not switch up your ABI garden and grab some hanging baskets to place besides your door or even hang along your decking, and plant some stunning diascias 🌺 

They are the perfect plant to last you throughout the whole of spring and summer, right up to autumn and they grow in a variety of lovely pink shades of mauve, rose and coral 🤩 

If you purchase some diascias, make sure you’re ready to keep up with the watering of the plants regularly and ensure that they have drainage holes in the container they are growing in, so they aren’t sat in wet soil. 


Bluebells are one of the most gorgeous spring flowers 💜 They are the last to bloom in spring and that’s when you know your ABI garden will be complete for the season!  

If you are thinking bluebells are the flowers for you, you need to make sure they are planted in a shaded spot with moist and well-drained soil ✅ 

Flowering Quince 

A flower that can go from beauty to growing its own fruits is definitely one for your ABI decking 😍 

They flourish into the most wonderful red, orange, white or even pink flowers for around 10-14 days then they start to produce some tiny edible fruits that are used in jellies 🌼 

They also take little care to look after and only need a spot in the sun to keep them blossoming. 

Don’t forget to tag us in your spring ABI photos on Facebook, Instagram and X 😋 

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