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Tips for being kind to the environment while at your ABI

Earth Day is an annual event that marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement. The organisation inspires millions to drive positive action for our planet.

Appreciating our surroundings is a key part of the ABI life. We have the luxury of experiencing the great outdoors with the comforts of home, and in order for us to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s important we look after this beautiful place we call home. That’s why for this year’s Earth Day, we’re sharing some simple tips on how to be kind to the environment while at your ABI.


Everything has been considered

Already, by owning an ABI, there are features that make it environmentally friendly. Each home has the option for ‘Low E’ PVCu thermoglass double glazing and this can reduce carbon emissions by up to 680kgs per year!

Our excellent 100mm roof insulation also allows you to turn the heating down and save on your energy consumption. Every home comes with energy and water saving features, making it easier for you to relax and enjoy some piece of mind while you are away. Not forgetting, as a business, we have switched our energy tariff so that we now only use fully renewable sources.



Shop Local

Shopping locally can reduce your carbon footprint. You will be able to enrich your shopping experience by having access to fresher produce with less packaging, all while supporting your local economy. Large chains tend to ship their items from long distance which contributes to air pollution. So why not take a stroll to the local greengrocers or food market when you’re next stocking up your ABI kitchen and shop from the amazing produce that is found on your doorstep.


Cleaning products

Often, cleaning products can have harsh chemicals that aren’t the best for the environment. Switch them out for safer eco-versions, or even homemade vinegar water- we promise it won’t sacrifice the cleanliness!

Checking the websites to see if a brand has a sustainability mission is a great way to tell if they’re environmentally conscious, this also means that they often responsibly source the materials of their products. Some great brands to try are Ecover, Ocean Saver, Bio-D and Method.


Environmentally friendly picnics

Visiting your ABI comes hand-in-hand with plenty of lovely days out where we can enjoy the beautiful Great British countryside which surround our parks. This also means preparing some fantastic picnics to eat throughout the day.

There are some great reusable options available which can save on single use plastic, such as reusable bamboo cutlery, Tupperware instead of cling film or tinfoil and washable cloth napkins. Avoiding disposable products is ideal, so try to use reusable cups and plates, rather than paper, the less waste generated the better!


Keep it tidy

And finally, something so simple but always good to remember. Picking up litter is the easiest way to protect our stunning environment and the wildlife that lives in it.

Keep Britain Tidy are running a Great British Spring Clean from the 28th of May to the 13th of June. The community aims to clear litter from the outdoor spaces that have mattered to us more than ever this past year. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can find out more here.



Being kind to the environment and looking out for its future means we can cherish the ABI lifestyle for years to come. If you have any of your own eco-friendly tips, make sure to share on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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