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Ways to be creative at your ABI in 2023

This January, it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and get creative
from your ABI! Grab your craft essentials and take a seat! 😊

We are going to tell you some DIY projects you can do with only a few pennies!


Decorative Vases

This is a lovely idea for a one-of-a-kind centre piece!

Grab your favourite vase or purchase one from a local shop whilst also picking
up some yarn, yarn needles and a bunch of flowers. To make your decorative
vase, you’ll need to weave your yarn into a plait or twist it and wrap it around
your vase. If you can’t find any yarn, you can always use some ribbon! 🤩

All you’ll need now to complete your craft is a set of yarn needles to push into
the side of the bottle for decoration and use some of your lovely flowers to
add the final touches 💐

Coffee Filter Flowers

This is a super easy way to brighten up any shelves in your ABI!

You’re going to need some white coffee filters, scissors, glue, pencil, florist
wire and food colouring. All things you can pick up from your local
supermarket 🛍️

Then you’ll need to fold your coffee filter until you have a triangle shape, then
cut off a small part of the top corner to create the uneven circle so it creates
the petal look for the flower. Next, take a piece of your wire and wrap it
around a pencil to create a coil. Remove the coil from the pencil and poke it
through the middle of your filter, leaving the long part to come out the
bottom, like a stem ❤️

Repeat the step with the coffee filters until your flower is full! Using glue in
between to keep them together. Lastly, grab your food colouring (your
favourite colour) then mix a few drops with some water to dip your filter into,
to create lovely bright petals 🤩

Felt Ball Coasters

Looking for something fun and colourful? This one is for you. But you will need
some time and patience for this! 😉

You’ll need cork coasters, superglue and around 90-100 small felt balls per
coaster (depending on the size of the coasters)!

This is super easy to master, simply grab your glue and cover the top of your
coaster then place the felt balls on top. Now repeat this for the other side and
bottom until the coaster is covered. Leave it to dry for a couple hours and then
you’ll have a colourful place to put your cups/glasses 🥤

Plant Pot Birdhouses

This craft is great if you love the outdoors 🪴

You will need a medium sized plant pot, a metal hook, strong glue, spray paint
(any colour), a hole saw drill and a lid that fits over the top of your plant pot to
secure it!

First, you need to drill a large hole into the side of the pot for the birds to be
able to fly through, making sure you clean out any rubbish the drill left behind
inside the pot. After that, spray paint it any colour you want, then put your lid
on with some glue around the edge to secure it on! 😎

Lastly, screw the metal hook into the top so you can hang your birdhouse
outside your ABI, place some seeds inside and keep a watchful eye out 💞

Tin Can Stationary Pots

This craft is super useful, especially if you have lots of pens and pencils lying
around that need a place to live in your ABI!

It’s as simple as grabbing a tin can, two acrylic paint colours, a paint brush and
tissue paper 😀

To create your organiser, you’ll simply need to brush your paint onto the tin!
Grab your tissue paper and dab a different colour paint onto your base paint
when it’s half dry to make a funky pattern. Then allow it to dry evenly. It’s that
simple! You can create whatever design you like 😏

Tag us in any DIY crafts you create this January in your ABI  Facebook, Instagram
and Twitter 😊

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