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Ideas for your 2023 resolutions

Happy New Year from everyone at ABI! 🥂

You know what they say… New year, new me. If you’re wanting to challenge
yourself and make some changes this year but don’t know where to begin,
here are some ideas of where you could start 👇

Learn a new skill

There are plenty of things to learn, and it’s the year to try new things!

Now is a great time to start trying things you might not have tried before.
Anything from: ice skating, painting, horse riding. There is no limit! What’s
great about learning a new skill is that you can do it alongside friends and
family, get everyone involved 😇

Cooking different recipes

This is a very simple and effective way to improve your diet 😊

You can start by going through healthy recipe books, searching on TikTok or
by trying subscription boxes. Cooking fresh and new foods is a fun and
exciting thing to try and can also save you money from not eating out. You
can have a balanced diet and your family can get involved 🍳

Create an achievable cleaning schedule

Clear out the clutter. Out with the old and in with the new. The new year is
the perfect time for you to start again and give your home a freshen up.

Give yourself a routine that is going to be realistic for you to stick to and make
you and your ABI feel fresher! For example, put aside 30 minutes every couple
of days to give your ABI the TLC it deserves 💙

Get your family involved and make it fun! See who can make the tidiest room,
or who can find the most rubbish 😋

Practice mindfulness

Yoga, meditation and positive thoughts are all things that are beneficial for
your emotional well-being and overall health. It’s time to love yourself before
you love others 🥰

This is also something you can practice day to day and from your ABI. Light a
candle, do some self care and give your mind time to breathe!

You can get involved with this through mobile apps, online or in person
classes and anyone can attend, so take your family along 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Travel to new places

What better time to explore the world than now… No more time to waste, get
yourself to all the places you have dreamed of going.

There are endless places you and your family can visit with plenty of places in
the UK, travelling doesn’t have to come at a big cost. This way you’re saving
money but also still discovering beautiful places 😍

The Lake District, Cornwall, Isle of Skye, Snowdonia, the list goes on 🗺️

Tag us in any New Year’s resolutions you start this year on Facebook, Instagram and
Twitter 😊

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