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Your ABI Summer Bucket List

This summer is when you can make all your dreams come true! If you don’t already
have a bucket list of everything you want to do, you’re in the right place 😏

We are here to show you how to turn your average summer into something that you
will never forget! ☀️

Spend the day or night at an outdoor concert
Whether you like the newest pop songs or a bit of old school rock, there are outdoor
concerts for everyone, all over the country! This is your chance to get outside, meet
new people and listen to some awesome music 🎶 It doesn’t have to stop there! You
can spend all night dancing with your friends under the stars before you head back
to your holiday home✨

Take a walk on the wild side
Fencing, horse riding, bungee jumping and rock climbing, there are loads of extreme
sports to try for you and the family. Whether it rains or shines there’s plenty of ways
to keep your adrenaline levels high. And when you’re done, you know you can come
back to your beautiful ABI and relax.

Dine al fresco in a National Park
Why not dine al fresco style, and enjoy the sounds of nature around you while you
tuck into your fabulous picnic. Our favourite spots have to be: Lake Loch Lubnaig and
anywhere in the Lake District, they have gorgeous scenery and some of the best
places you can sit down to relax. What could be easier then packing up your picnic in
your ABI and visiting some extraordinary places 🌲

Learn a new skill
Why not take this opportunity to learn something new?

This can all be done from the comfort of your ABI. So sit back, crack open that laptop
or phone and get learning. There are hundreds of new skills you can master online,
and lots are free. Some examples to try; take in a new language, baking a new recipe
or maybe even play an instrument 🎶

Go on an adventure
Waterfalls, cliffs, woodlands, mountains… your next adventure starts right at the
doorstep of your ABI. This summer is the perfect time to get exploring the places you
have always wanted to go. One of our favourite waterfalls is Janet’s Foss in Skipton,
it’s a must see and if you’re feeling extra adventurous we dare you to take a
refreshing dip in its cold waters.

There’s no need to travel abroad to complete your summer bucket list. The ABI Life
gives you all the excitement of going on holiday without the hassle of booking
flights. We would love to see what bucket list ideas you tick off! Make sure to tag us in
your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 😊

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