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Make Scotland your home from home

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Exhilarating in every sense

With its historic cities and unspoilt wilderness, choosing Scotland as your ABI’s base promises to make every escape exhilarating. Its sublime landscapes, with towering peaks and cavernous lochs, leave everyone awestruck. And its rich history is equally thrilling.


Where to go

Head for the mountains, settle on spectacular shores or hunker down near one of Scotland’s exciting cities – find the perfect park for your ABI.

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Enjoy the Scottish life

Go wild

Pristine landscapes, pure air and expansive environments – it’s no wonder the natural world flourishes here. Spot dolphins and whales. Watch golden eagles. Meet the majestic deer. Whenever you venture out into the wilderness here, you never quite know who or what you’ll encounter. 

Whisky galore (and more)

Savour the flavours of Scotland, the most famous of all being a wee dram of single malt. Peaty, smoky or smooth, with distilleries peppering the land, you’re bound to find a drop you love. But if whisky isn’t your thing, may we recommend the seafood – it really does taste superior here.  

Even more to enjoy

Time travel

Step back in time here. With a history that stretches back to Neolithic times and some areas seemingly untouched for millennia, Scotland truly is the place that makes travelling back in time feel possible. Explore Hadrain’s Wall. Delve into the Viking arrival. Learn about the real Macbeth – King of Alba from 1040.